hoping for change

Fifteen minutes until the debate starts, so I will keep this short and sweet. 

This is a response I sent to a friend, along with the pertinent factual sources to debunk one of the thirty e-mails I have gotten trying to smear Obama:

“This is how rumors start – a bad source from months ago gets quoted by someone else and looks like a legitimate source to those who are eager to crucify someone.  The hate that people have for Obama because he doesn’t look like them is astounding.  It makes me sad to think people are so eager to find a horrible secret.  They will keep digging and making things up.  I will keep believing and hoping for change.”

I am happy to report that I took the kids with me today to early-vote.  The line was quite long and not moving at a rapid pace.  I had intentionally waited until Maggie would be with me so she could see more of the process.  (It’s all about the process with her.)  About 30 seconds into the wait I decided I may have made a huge error.  Nicholas gets VERY heavy after about 25 seconds.  (You try carrying 32 pounds of boy who doesn’t want to be carried.)  Right then the pollster (right word?  the poll official?) came back and asked if we would like to go to the front of the line.  My answer was a quick “Yes, and thank you!”  Not sure how everyone else around me felt about it, but trust me, after 5 more minutes with the wee ones they would have been paying for us to move up the line.  Or at least I would have been bribing.  Do you get in trouble for bribing your way up to the front?  Good thing I won’t have to find out.

We got to the front and I realized I didn’t prep her very well.  I was quickly whispering that she shouldn’t say either of the candidates names out loud, or mention the hyena, just for good measure.  I thought for sure she would exclaim something like “Is this when Barack Obama wins?”  She has been asking that for a couple weeks now.  She helped me press the buttons and unlike at the post office where I let her press and then double check, today I used her finger to press the right buttons.  This is way to serious for a slip of a 4-Y-O finger.  She did great.  We voted and then since it was at the library we checked out a few books to boot.  How much better can it get than that?  Well, Nicholas didn’t really HAVE to fill his diaper right then, but all in all, a good outing. 

(And a quick story for Nana – Nicholas peed in his potty tonight!  I put him on it as a lark before bath, and instead of standing up and pretending it’s stuck to his bottom, he actually sat for a minute.  Then he nodded yes and stood up.  Low and behold he peed! Maggie was thrilled for him and he got a family ovation in the bathroom.)


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