Zoo bound

I loaded up the kids this morning and we headed to the zoo.  Had I known what kind of mood Maggie was in I might have thought twice – who am I kidding, I did think twice.  In the end, the trip to the zoo may have kept us both sane on what could have been a tough day.  So I’m glad we made the effort.

I was feeling a little full of myself, braving the zoo with both kids on my own.  I even took some pictures of my children, since the last time I captured them was maybe 6 months ago.  Bad mom.  But today I was good mom!  I managed to convince Maggie we should go after only seeing a total of four animals and riding the carousel, since I could tell Nicholas was fading fast.  Maggie could have stayed for another 2 hours, at least.  We left a happy family.

By the time we got to the car I was greeted with the notion that I should not be so full of myself.  I had left my driver side door open.  Not unlocked, it was clearly locked.  But swinging wide freaking open.  My first thought was that somehow it must have been Maggie’s fault – bad mom.  I wouldn’t have done something that stupid!  But it was the driver side door.  Not much I could say about that.  Totally my fault.  I quickly checked to be sure my wallet, ehm, and purse, ehm, were where I safely left them so I wouldn’t be robbed inside the zoo.  Whew, everything appears intact.  If I start getting charges to some spa in London I will know when security was breached.  My dear husband, will not know that detail of this story.  He doesn’t read my blog and I am smart enough to edit my day down to what he wants to know about…   And besides, I used to drive a convertible jeep.  I had no doors.  What’s the big deal?  Well, maybe the fact that I never left ANYTHING in the jeep that I wasn’t trying to get rid of.  Part of the hassle of the jeep was never being able to leave anything behind.  But, I digress.

Anyway, I got Nicholas in his seat and I kid you not, I had not finished buckling him and he was asleep.  I thought he was joking.  I asked him if he was going to sleep and he vaguely rolled one eyeball from the back of his head before promptly closing them again.  Out.  I have never seen anything like it.  He had been obviously tired, but was sitting upright in the wagon of his own power.  And then out.  Snoring before we were out of the parking lot.  His nap would last almost three hours.

And then Maggie decided in the afternoon that she wanted to lay down and rest a bit.  Almost two hours later I decided to wake her so she wouldn’t be up all night tonight.  SHE decided to lay down.  Just repeating that last part for emphasis.  My four-year-old decided she WANTED to take a nap.  Knock me over with a feather.


3 responses to “Zoo bound

  1. Oh no! I’m glad that everything was still intact. When Santi first got his Infiniti several years ago (which was traded this year for a nissan versa), we were at a Titans game. We walked back to the parking and to the car…it was warm…after a four_hour_game?! Yes, the car was still on. But the doors were still locked. He was obviously not used to having the keyless ignition. We gave him a hard time about it for a while (although the rest of us also didn’t realize that the car was ON when we parked and walked away from it!)
    Forgive us if we give you a little bit of a hard time on this one, but definitely cut yourself some slack! You survived a day at the zoo with two kids with flying colors and motherhood, after all, is all about survival!

  2. Hey – you didn’t mention the crazy lady who thought Nicholas was lost and asked him where his mommy was. Oh wait, that was me. Hmm.

    If it makes you feel better, I managed to close the tailgate of my truck on my 2 week old blackberry when we were leaving the zoo yesterday. Then I got stuck on 40 in traffic from a gas main break. Then I went to 3 different Verizon stores and got the run around on my “insurance” – it wasn’t pretty.

    I’m very happy to be back at work today!

  3. Ohh, Jessica, sorry to hear about your blackberry. And Shab, sorry about your I-Phone! Not a good week for our gadgets. I also forgot to mention the rose bush that Nicholas fell into near the carousel. He wasn’t too thrilled to have landed in its midst, get stuck, rip his shirt and leave with numerous scratches. And I was still picking thorns out of his arm in the Larakeet Landing! Poor kid. But I will say he is a trooper. He wasn’t nearly as upset as I would have been!

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