I had the privilege today of dropping off lunch for all the hardworking Obama volunteers at our local headquarters.  My friend joined me and we brought along the kids for an educational, fun outing.  I was happy to find the headquarters abuzz with lots of volunteers and many more coming in to sign up and to get their yard signs.

Maggie scampered over to the play area again, just like last time.  She happily played with two other children and we even stayed for a bit longer because she was having so much fun.  The two other children happened to be black.  When we got into the car I asked her if she had made some new friends.  This is a question I ask frequently when we leave the park or library if she seems to have bonded with others to open the dialogue between us.  She said “Yes, I did.  And you know what?  White skin, and black skin and all the mediums in between – we can all be friends and love each other and isn’t that just great?”  In one word – that’s awesome!

One of the aspects of our predominantly white neighborhood that bothers me is the fact that it is predominantly white.  I understand, now, as a parent, why my parents chose to move to a diverse neighborhood when I was very young.  And that was back in the mid-seventies!

I am pleased that somehow through modeling acceptance she has learned a lesson that takes many so long to figure out.  Some never do figure it out.  Some learn it early on and then forget it later.  I have helped her learn this humanistic principle.  Now we must work together to never forget it.  I hope that Barack Obama can continue to play a role in this valuable lesson.

(NOTE: While typing this, my wonderful daughter used an ENTIRE bottle of California Baby shampoo in the tub.  Brand new bottle.  Sheesh.  I guess we can only expect so much from our children in the course of one day…)


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