abuse of power=unethical behavior

I was going to try to be all warm and fuzzy and talk about my family’s trip to the  pumpkin patch, but then I read a few other blog headlines, got sucked in and now I have to rant a little. 

Partisan–from the dictionary– a firm adherent to a party, faction, cause, or person ; especially :one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance.  So the “partisan circus” that Sarah Palin keeps talking about really only shows her ignorance.  It would have been partisan had it been all democrats on the Legislative Council.  It was, however, 10 Republicans and 4 Democrats.  This fact removes any chance of calling it partisan, unless you can’t do simple math or you chose to see the world from a very scary place – inside Sarah’s mind.  It wasn’t even 10 Dems and 4 Repubs.  I can’t understand how people can listen to her call it a partisan circus with a straight face.  If the Dems had not voted it would still have been 10 to 4 and it would then have been partisan – her party partisan.  Sheesh. 

Next, though I told myself I wouldn’t give her any more of my time, I will continue with my disbelief.  Maybe if I get it out I can stop gnashing my teeth.  I am going to need a spa retreat after all this.  Too bad I don’t work at AIG.  Anyway, she was found guilty of abuse of power.  GUILTY OF ABUSE OF POWER.  And her reply is that she is glad she was cleared of any legal wrongdoing and unethical activity.  ABUSE OF POWER IS AN UNETHICAL ACTIVITY, you moron!  She feels she did nothing wrong and she is glad that the Council agreed with her.  THEY DIDN’T.  How could anyone- ANYONE-  think she could assist in any way leading this country? 

And then there is the First Dude.  That should be enough said right there.  But no, first dude had Walt Monegan summoned to the Governor’s office through Sarah’s secretary.  The First Gentleman would like to schedule an appointment with you.  Huh?  WTF?  Then met him in a conference room when Sarah wasn’t even there, to discuss firing Trooper Wooten.  Again, louder this time, WTF???  And he sat in on meetings that were closed to the public.  As in only for state employees.  As in I had as much right to be there as he did, which is exactly zero.

She has nothing to apologize for.  Todd did what any Alaskan would do.  She and John McCain are taking the high road.   

I need some Tums.  I need some Advil.  She is a liar.  I need for these crazy people to get out of my life.


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