hair, dirt, quilt, rot

Well, I never remembered.  Don’t you just hate that?  I sure do.  It’s like walking around with your glasses on your head, while looking for your glasses.  And my post from yesterday earned me a pingback for an article on hair loss.  It was memory loss, people.  The hair loss is normal.  Everybody loses hair everyday.  It’s a fact.  I googled it.  Everyone loses about 100 hairs a day.  It’s the memory loss that bugs me.  But as they say, since I can remember that I forgot something, I’m doing OK.

I hope my general anxiety level will decrease after the election.  That might have a lot to do with my recent memory problems.  I actually get flushed and my heart starts to thump when I read/view/listen to some of the bad rhetoric that is out there.  Much like driving past a bad car accident, I simply can’t avert my eyes to the smears that are circulating.  Desperation is showing.  I can smell the dirt.  (I incidentally told Maggie I could smell the dirt coming off of her in the tub tonight and she said “What does dirt smell like?”  Like Dirt.)

I have run the gamut(sp? -even with spell check I’m not sure) today on emotions over these crazy quilts I am making.  One minute I decided it looked like a bad home-ec project gone bad.  Then a little while later I thought it was pretty cool.  Then I was back to seeing only the errors I had made.  I tend to point out my own errors to other people.  I think if I stop doing that, some people would never even notice.  So one is almost done, and then I only have five more to go.  Yikes, that’s more than a quilt a week.  I better get cranking.  After an hour pinning the border, I can officially say I have given blood, sweat and tears for the cause.  Next year I might just give them my checkbook.

Now it is time for these sore bones to head to couch to catch up on some real life – I mean – catch up on some mind-rot drama TV shows that I can watch and then remind myself they are made up in someone’s head, not the sad state of affairs actually happening at this very moment.


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