memory loss

I’m having a senior moment.  Or a stay-at-home-mom moment.  Or something.  I had my blog totally in my head as I put Nicholas to sleep.  Then I almost forgot to sit down at the computer.  Then I did sit down at the computer and read a few other blogs and did some research to convince someone to vote for Obama.  I found some info and will be sending him some links so he can come to his senses before voting.  Now I have no freaking memory of what my blog was going to be about!  I think if I walk away for an hour or so it will all come back to me.  But by then I will be too tired to type.  So I’m hoping to remember it for tomorrow night and instead entertain with a few little bits that aren’t enough for their own blog.

I think Nicholas might grow up to be a plumber.  He has quite a fascination with the toilet.  I know most kids his age do, but he has another fascination that might be a little more odd.  After my daily (I try anyway) shower he reaches over the tub to pull my hair from the drain.  At first he used to fall into the tub head first while performing this daily duty.  Now he can almost reach, but his feet still go airborne for a minute before he usually lands on them again.  All to get the little ball of hair that I shed every day.  Before my haircut it was considerably more, but with my short and sassy hair, he’s really working hard for not a lot of outcome.  So maybe he will be a plumber and keep my drains clear for me.

Or maybe he’ll be a dentist.  He has a toothbrush obsession.  Don’t leave yours within reach or he will be walking around with it in his mouth in no time.  Even if you think it’s out of reach, if he can see it, chances are he will find a way to get it.  It drives Maggie nuts.  “Mom, he’s got my toothbrush in his mouth again.”  And flossing, forget about it.  He loves the little kid flossers.  I hope all this early teeth brushing and flossing lasts beyond toddler-hood.

Note: I edited out one “also” since I feel it has been overused in the last six weeks.  I hope someday to be able to use it again without wanting to hurl.

Note 2: When are spellcheckers around the world going to recognize the words “Barack” and “Obama”?


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