Whew, I’m must plain tired.  I usually look forward to the quiet after the kids go to sleep.  Tonight I will probably be the first one snoring.  I HAVE to stop staying up so late.  This is getting ridiculous.

In this tired state I’m in, I will try to be brief.  I am glad I am not one blogger friend who had to clean vomit from all over the place last night and today.  I can’t think of anything more repulsive and horrid.  I might move if I was put into that position.  I know my day will come, but knock wood, both of my kids seem to go easy on the pukes. 

A close relative has come down with a bad cold and sore throat after visiting us.  We aren’t sick, so at least we didn’t GIVE her the bug, but it was probably acquired on the plane on the way home, so I can’t help but take partial blame.  At least this person has stopped getting the pukes when visiting us.  We were on a roll there for awhile.  I was beginning to take it personally.

Another old friend just caught up with me after close to 20 years.  She was my manager at my first job.  I was a fairly model employee.  One day another manager told me I had to clean vomit from the bathroom floor.  I apologized and said I would be unable to do that.  If forced, I would have had to quit that day.  But luckily my friend offered to do it for me.  Now that is a friend.

Somehow I ended up on the topic of vomit.  I must be more tired than I thought.  And now I’m feeling a little nauseous.  The sun is not quite down and I am going to sleep.  Goodnight and here’s to a vomit free evening!


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