I was reminded of something today when I took the kids to Chik-Fil-A for dinner and some playtime.  Being a “good” mother, I, of course, ordered them fruit instead of french fries.  When we break down and eat fast food I find it comforting that they at least get a bit of something not fried, breaded, or full of crap.  So fruit is the perfect answer, right?

A few months ago on our last trip to Chicago we stopped at Arby’s for a quick bite.  They shared a turkey sandwich and some apples and grapes.  That day Maggie ate all her grapes and we saved the apples for later.  Always good to have a “healthy” snack on-hand for a long road trip, so I threw the container of sliced apples into my bag.

Fast forward one week, when I am getting us packed up to come home.  I was emptying trash and wrappers and the like from my bag and I happened upon the container of apple slices.  I was grossed out and afraid of what a week would do to some apples.  I was glad there weren’t bugs or some such nastiness coming from my bag.  I turned the container over and low and behold – they looked just like they did a week ago.  UGH.  What in the hell kind of chemicals are they putting on these apples to keep them “fresh?”  Have you ever left an apple piece out on your counter all day and come home to find it curled up, brown, soft, mushy?  Maybe it’s just me, but after a week I expect my cut up apples to be gross.  I want them to be gross.

So tonight when I got our food, I decided not to pat myself on the back for choosing fruit.  I decided to do a little more shopping and be a little choosier in where we go to eat.


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