In over my head

I have spent another day working on these quilts that I am making for the kids’ school.  I am happy to do it, nervous about how they will turn out, and beginning to think they better make a ton of money or someone is going to have to answer to me!  Every year there is a silent auction to raise money for teacher education, materials, playground equipment and various other necessities.  Last year it was a lot of fun.  I showed up, bid on a few things and went on my merry way.  This year I got involved…

So I have pieced together five of the six quilts (yes, SIX quilts) with one to go.  Now I am starting on the borders that will be on the front that I am also going to monogram with the school and class name.  Monogramming was how I got involved.  Then one thing led to another and I’m doing the whole schebang.  The school has been great to work with, so don’t interpret this as complaining.  It’s more a fear of the unknown.  I have never made a quilt, let alone six quilts.

The children each have a square with their hand print or foot print on them.  The older kids also did a square with artwork.  I think they will be adorable and I hope they will be loved by all.  As in, open your wallet and show me the money — you don’t have that much cash, you better write a check. 

The part that scares me is the actual assembly.  This is still days away, mind you.  The monogramming alone will take the next few days.  I go back and forth from thinking that everything will be fine and I will be done on time, to wondering how to flee the country without leaving a trace.

I know just enough to be dangerous and not enough to be fully competent.  Sound like anyone else you know?


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