the sky is falling

Last night my mom and I were relaxing in the hot tub in our back yard after a long day of child wrangling.  What a nice way to see a few stars, have some adult conversation and let the hot water ease our aching bodies.  After a few minutes of long awaited quiet we heard the most horrible sounding pop and then a screeching, clawing, ripping sound that seemed to last nearly a minute.  A minute is a long time when you are in your back yard at night in a bathing suit wondering what in the hell just happened.

An animal attack?  Is the sky falling?  Is the house falling down? None of these were things that seemed like good explanations.  I grabbed my towel and ran for the driveway where the sound seemed to have come from.  I looked up into the dark night to see my husband’s head sticking out of our skylight window in the upstairs TV room.  That’s not good.  There’s supposed to be an actual window there.  Window gone.

The window had popped off the hinges when he was trying to open it full tilt.  It slid down the roof and stopped at the gutter.  Thank you, thank you window for stopping at the gutter.  My husband came out and got a ladder out to fetch the window.  He was going to try to fix it on the spot, but I pointed out it was PITCH BLACK and the pitched roof was not the safest place to be in the middle of the night.  I went inside so I wouldn’t turn into a grumpus.  He got the window down, admitting later he almost fell off the ladder because he didn’t expect it to weigh 100 pounds.  And it did.

Bright and early this morning he climbed up on the old roof and the two of us heaved and hoed and got it back in place.  It is heavy enough to sit in the place it belongs, we just can’t open it.  Now comes the part that I’m kicking myself for.  I kid you not, I stood in that very room the night before and told my dad that I hated those windows and I couldn’t wait until replacing them fit into the budget.  They are old and it takes forever to crank them open.  It seriously is a workout – er, was a workout.  Now I will get a quote on both of the windows before either of them try to jump ship again.  Can you imagine a window getting mad enough at the idea of being replaced to dive off a two-story roof?  I can.


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