a little bit of random

I refuse to give Sarah any more of my time.  So other than to say I’m disappointed she didn’t fall on her face or look blankly at the camera, I don’t think we got much more than a lot of answers to questions that were not asked.  She studied hard and gets an A for memorization, but as VP, I don’t think you get to study the answers and make them fit the questions when there is an actual problem on the horizon.  That would pretty much blow her out of the water.  (As in what newspapers or magazines do you read?  You know, toughies like that – how could one possibly know the answer to a tricky question like that?)  And to specifically ask Biden if she could call him Joe, to then never call him Joe, except when she pulled out “Say it ain’t so, Joe” is just tacky.  Shame on you.

On to other things…

Maggie keeps talking about wanting to go to the bagel store.  There happens to be a new bagel store near us, but I couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t let it go.  I finally asked her what she wanted at the bagel store and she said “a candy bagel.”  Huh?  Oh, you mean a donut?  Yes, a candy bagel, which to you and me is a donut.  Some of the confusion might have come from the fact the new bagel store is a few doors down from the donut store.  Good thing I can think out of the box.  Imagine the conversations we would have if I didn’t know the right questions to ask.

Nicholas has officially started school 2 days a week.  He carried his school bag around all day Wednesday in anticipation of Thursday.  Then Thursday morning came and he couldn’t wait to get his bag and lunch box and get in the car.  We pulled up at school and he went into a crying jag.  But this time I could laugh a little because I knew he wanted to be there.  He was just a little wigged out with the transition.  Sure enough, by the time he got into the classroom he was fine and had his best day yet.  His teacher said she even got a little emotional because he was so happy.

My little-old-lady-next-door-neighbor called me the day after the yard sign went up.  She said she was thrilled to see my sign and that she was for Obama too.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  I’m going to see if they still have signs in stock and pick one up for her.  Later that day the neighbors across the street put up a McCain/Palin sign.  Now I’m on a mission.


One response to “a little bit of random

  1. You go girl! SO proud of you for the yard sign. You have inspired me.

    Ugh, the “Hi, nice to meetcha. Can I call you Joe? Say it ain’t so, Joe.” comments. Clearly she is adorable and charming and spunky and a quick study. But is that good enough to be the VP to the oldest president ever to run for their first term (who isn’t in the greatest of mental or physical health)??? Scary! I was really impressed with Senator Biden’s knowledge, poise, and leadership.

    Ooooh, candy bagels. Yum.

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