I’m having a little trouble typing tonight, what with the anticipation and all.  I’m actually having to go back to just about every word and insert a letter that I skipped or rearrange the letters that my fingers decided to jumble up.  It’s making for a bit of slow going.  I blame hypoglycemia.  I have pretty good lately about meals and keeping my sugar levels normal.  (Really the typing is ridiculous.  I should leave it the way I typed it just for laughs but I don’t even think you would be able to figure out what I am saying.) 

Last week I went hypo once and got so bad I couldn’t even figure out what sugar source to put in my mouth.  I hate when that happens.  Tonight I was literally putting the foodd in my bowl when I felt it come on.  My hands were shaking and my mind went fuzzy.  The one thing I recall thinking was “really?  now?  you can’t wait like 10 minutes so the whole situation could be avoided?”  Apparently not.  My hands shook through the whole meal (OK, that sounds like a long time, it really took me about 7 minutes to shovel everything in my mouth – not bad with shaking hands.)  Then I turned around and promptly ate an ice cream sandwich to wash the protein down.  I thought about another, but decided the whim whams are almost as bad as the hypo crash.

I think I must go now and prepare my bingo card for the debate tonight.   Just to show you how crummy by brain is after a crash I will retype this paragraph and show you what I’m talking about.  Here goes:

I think I must fo now and preparter my bingo card for the feate tongiht.  Just to shoe ou how crummy my brtain is abter a crach I will terype this paragrach and show oyo u what I’m talking about.  Hre foes:

No lie!  I’m exhausted from hitting the delete button…

Go Biden!  Go Cubs!  Go Biden!  Go Cubs!


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