yard signs and baby seals

I don’t even know ewhere to begin today.  I guess I will start with GETTING AN OBAMA/BIDEN YARD SIGN TODAY!  Sorry for shouting, but I’m super excited.  They have been hard to come by here in Middle Tennessee, but now we are proud owners.  A little back story here – I was shopping at Costco (went in for 2 boxes of cereal, you don’t want to know how much crap I came out with!)

The kids and I looked at some books (thinking Santa might need to head to Costco for some good book deals – as much as I hate not buying books from small bookstores.)  Anyway, there was an illustrated book about Barack Obama.  Maggie and I looked through it, but I didn’t actually care for the illustrations.  They weren’t bad or anything, but they just weren’t all that well done.  I much prefer a coffee table book I saw at Navy Pier last time I was home – still wishing I had bought that.

As we walked away I saw a couple come over and glance at the book with looks of disgust on their faces.  It wasn’t the illustrations they had a problem with.  They covered the book up and walked away.  What can I say – I happen to live in one of the most Republican areas in a very Red state (though I would love to turn us blue!!)  I let it roll off my back.  The kids had no idea and it wasn’t worth the fight.

Out in the parking lot I was unloading my bounty into the car (about 6 more super-sized cereal boxes) and I heard an older (I’m baaadd with ages, but I would guess maybe early 70s??) couple deciding how they could lift their package into the car.  I offered to help and realized the man was actually hooked up to oxygen.  They said they were fine, they could take it piece by piece and thanked me.  “We are just a slow old couple but we get the job done,” the wife told me.  She thanked me again.

So I closed my trunk and she asked me what the decal on my car was for.  I thought, here we go again…  I said it’s in support of Barack Obama.  She said “that’s what I thought” and gave me two thumbs up.  “You’re pretty brave to drive around here with that!”  I replied that had been looking for a yard sign too, but that they had been out.  She came over to my car and we had a five minute talk about some volunteering she did and what a joke Palin is.  And the best of all, she told me where I could find yard signs!  So I hightailed it there, and sure enough, got two yard signs.  Woot!  I would have gotten more for everyone I know who’s looking for one, and delivered them personally, but they have a two sign limit because they are so popular.  Did I mention I’m in TN?  The man at the HQ said they have never seen anything like it.

My husband came home from work, hugged me and joked that someone had vandalized our front yard.  Ha ha.  He’s full of funny today.

During dinner I said something to him about understanding how baby seals get clubbed in an allusion to my children who were driving me bonkers.  (For anyone who doesn’t know me – I don’t spank, never will, not hitting anyone here, just joking about it for my sanity…)   He looked at me and said “Yah, but it’s not their mom doing the clubbing.  It’s strangers.”



One response to “yard signs and baby seals

  1. You didn’t tell us where you found the sign? Not that my husband would EVER let me put one in our yard. I wonder if we can draw a line down the front yard and he can do whatever he wants on his half? Hmm…

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