my new life

My new life begins tomorrow.  In this new life I will have two days a week, provided no one is sick, all to myself.  I can hardly stand it.  I will have complete thoughts.  I will have lunch out with friends.  I will nap when I feel like it, not when I finally get other people to sleep.  I will do laundry, clean toilets and try my hand at cooking again.  I know, I know.  I have such grand plans and it’s really only 14 hours a week.  But I hope to pack those 14 hours as best I can.  And sometimes I will pack them with me sitting on the couch watching TV.

I will be able to write when I think of something, instead of when I steal a moment.  I will start projects I have wanted to start since we moved into this house almost three years ago.   I can paint a room if I feel like it.  I can get rid of toys that are junky and annoy me.  I can take a bubble bath (after I clean the tub) and shave my legs.  Such beauty awaits.

I told a friend a few days ago that I hadn’t had a day to myself in almost two years since my son was born.  After I thought about it, trying to remember what I did in those blissful days, I realized it has been over four years since I have had a day to myself.  Maggie didn’t start school two days a week until two days after Nicholas was born.  In those days, before children, I had no idea what “time” was.

So I sit on the precipice of something great.  I can volunteer at the Obama headquarters and actually give them a time when I can show up.  I could early vote by myself if I wanted to (which I don’t, I want to take Maggie with me so she can begin to understand more of the process.)  

I could go shopping for clothes by myself and not have to entertain anyone as I strip down in the dressing room.  Not to mention the pedicures… 

So tomorrow, on this first of many wonderful days, I will sit down and put on paper my goals for this time alone.  I certainly don’t want to squander it.  The days will be here in a blink when both of my children are at school five days a week.  I will miss them dearly while they are gone.  But right now two days sounds pretty perfect to me.


One response to “my new life

  1. I can’t help but find see synergy between your new schedule and the start of the Jewish New Year…

    I posted a little something on Rosh Hashanah, but, in a nutshell it’s a holiday that is centered around reviewing the last year of your life, identifying ways you could have been a better person, and making constructive plans and goals for improving those things in the next year…

    So…. as you map out your new found time and freedoms you just might wish yourself a Happy New Year!

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