Why is it?

Why is it that my husband can pick up toys and shoes and other various things and feel the house is clean?  I, on the other hand, then can only see the things that REALLY need to be done – like vacuuming, scrubbing floors, and attacking the gross bathrooms.

Why is it I continue to stay up later than ever watching political shows and getting up earlier than ever with a lark for a child and never figure out that I’m too tired to keep going?  At this rate I will be no more than a sleep-walking zombie by election day.

Why is it that people who feel strongly about a political candidate watch the debates, but some who really don’t know who they are voting for don’t take the time to watch?  And then say they don’t know how the candidates stand on the issues.

Why is it I can remember to give my children their multi-vitamins to keep them healthy and ward off illness, but can never remember to take mine?

Why is it a conservative commentator can state that Palin is out of her league and needs to step down for the sake of the party and she gets nods from the right, but when a Democrat says the same thing (and has since day one) they are partisan vultures and sexist?

Why is it I can tell my husband fifteen times the upstairs windows next to Maggie’s bed can only be open smaller than a child’s head and I find them wide open time and time again?  I told Maggie today that the windows can never be open that much and she needs to help me “remind” Daddy.  She said “We don’t want anyone to fall out the window.”  Why is it a four-year-old child gets it and a forty-year-old parent doesn’t?

Why is it Maggie’s two prescriptions for her thyroid  at the local pharmacy ran us about $40 a month and the mail-in company only cost us $10 for three months?

Why is it you can run a huge company straight into the ground and still walk away with more money than most of us make in 5 years?


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