I had a glorious day to myself today.  Not glamorous, but glorious.  Both my kids went to school today (my fingers were crossed) and I spent the day working on some projects for the school.  The foremost project involved sewing and quilts.  I am not an expert on either, but managed to do some pretty cool work.  When I needed a break from that it was on to the October newsletter which I basically started, well, today.

But what a fun day.  I worked by myself.  I listened to some music while I worked.  I even found myself singing.  I can’t really remember when I last sang (note: it ain’t pretty, but I had no audience.)  I heated up leftovers from lunch and took a 30 minute break – a break in which I got to watch David Letterman from last night rant about John McCain suspending his campaign (don’t get me started.)  Letterman had me laughing out loud.  It was an enjoyable, relaxing lunch.

Then back to work.  Back to silence if I wanted it.  Back to a day of completing a thought.  Getting something done without interruption.  Getting A LOT done in a short amount of time.  Being alone in my own house.  Missing my children.  Hoping Nicholas was happy. (Knowing Maggie was.)

The end of the day came and I joyfully went to pick up my children.  Nicholas had a great afternoon and a decent morning.  He was happy to see me but shed no tears – he can sometimes greet me with an outpouring of emotion.  Today he was happy and ready to explore as soon as we got home.  I played with my children.  I had patience with my children.  This was all after a working day.  I can only imagine what I will be like after a day of napping, eating chocolate and getting a pedicure.  I might just get back to being the mom I know that I can be.


Editor’s note:  Thanks to everyone who sent comments, e-mails, and made phone calls after my rather pitiful post yesterday.  Each one of you helped me to clarify things in my own head.  I appreciate you all.


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