the con job

I will digress for today on the topic of politics, although the title would certainly work for a great post – maybe tomorrow.

Today I will talk about the con job that took place at Toys R Us today.  Let me start by saying I hate Toys R Us.  It’s the biggest pile of PVC from here to Alaska (ha, snuck in a reference).  But Maggie got a couple shots at the doctor today as part of “11 months until kindergarten.”  We will be caught up by then but have a few more appointments to go.  Last night I told her she could pick something fun to do after the doctor – part bribe, part we needed something fun to do today.  She picked the toy store.  Mind you, we normally just walk around the toy store and don’t buy.

Today I had  a soft spot in my heart and decided we would get a couple books.  (Yah, I’m such a pushover…  but she really does love books.)  They were even buy two get one free.  We chose a few books and kept wandering around.  She got a little of the “can’t we gets…” and I thought it was time to start heading out.  Then I got an even softer spot in my heart (or I decided I wasn’t a very fun mom) and thought we could pick out a game instead of the books.  She was all for that idea.

We walked around the games and I remembered fondly spending countless days of my youth playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos.  I also remembered how loud it was.  And lots of marbles.  We aren’t there yet.  Next to it was a game I had never seen called Elephun – or some other insult to the English language.  Maggie had set her sights on it.

I was trying to nonchalantly check it out so she wouldn’t think I was deciding.  I asked if she had ever played it before.  She said she had at a Pump It Up party.  Sounds vaguely plausible, but I continued questioning.  She pretty much nailed the hows, whys, and whats.  She says “It is sooo much fun, mom.”  So I looked it over for another minute and decided to go for it.  There is a reasonable amount of physical activity involved so I figured it couldn’t be all that bad.

Let me describe to you this piece of plastic with batteries we now own.  It’s a blue elephant that has a fan in it’s body.  You put the little butterflies in it’s body, pull the plastic sleeve of a trunk up (about 4 feet tall) and turn her on.  She blows the butterflies out her nose and the happy children catch them in their butterfly nets.  Or the unhappy child catches none on the first try, asks you to try, catches none on the second try while you catch about five and then the unhappy child cries.

She threw a bigger fit from not catching any butterflies than she did from getting the shots.  Joke’s on me.

But the con, you ask?  The con is revealed on the way out to the car as she proudly carries the bag, when I wondered if the butterflies would be a choking hazard for little brother and ask how big the butterflies are.  “I don’t know.  I’ve never really played it before.”

“What?” I asked.

“Well, mom, I just know it’s going to be great.”


editor’s note: I almost forgot – at the doctor’s office Maggie was given two gold tokens, one for each shot, to get two pieces of total choke-able crap from a machine in the waiting room.  She promptly and unprompted gave one to Nicholas.  Made me tear up a little.

Also, if you got a call from us this morning sometime around 4am, it was Nicholas.  He woke up, got the phone and started dialing.  I woke up to the operator telling me if “I’d like to make a call…”  I have no idea how long he was up before I woke…  we really are going to have to start hanging things from the ceiling.  He can reach everything now.


3 responses to “the con job

  1. Loved this post, Brigid. I have more “total choke-able crap” from fast food restaurants than I can count. It’s so wrong, yet I can’t seem to avoid collecting it. And I also wonder, if our kids can pull these things over on us when they’re this age, what are we in for in 10 years? Let’s not think about it.

  2. That game is SOOOO lame! I bought it for $2 at a consignment sale. That is about how much it is worth–considering the fan is done blowing the butterflies in about 5 seconds!

    I will admit, my kids use the nets to catch real butterflies this summer, so I guess it is worth the $2!

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