Help!  I have switched to Google homepage and have a cute little sidebar that flashes little pictures of my darling children.  Except it is also including virtual strangers.  Some I recognize from a friend’s blog.  Some are from Etsy.  Some are people that look vaguely familiar, as in I might have met them once in my life.  Some totally random – like an arch that just appeared.  No idea where that even came from.  Never seen it before.  I clicked on the box and it says they are all coming from “my pictures” but I’m here to tell you they aren’t.  Any suggestions?  I do like the feature, so I’d like to make it work “properly” or at least the way I want it to.

Question – is it “gas panic” to fill up your tank when it’s almost empty?  People keep saying not to panic – that’s why we don’t have any gas.  Running out of gas with two small children with me would make me very unhappy, panic would depend exactly on where we were when we ran out of gas.  To avoid this, I routinely fill my tank with gas.  How am I now panicking about it when my behavior hasn’t changed, just the supply of gas has changed.  When I am low on gas I refill my tank.  That simple.  Don’t blame me.  Long lines and the like are because people were almost out of gas.  What should they do?  Just drive until the cars run out because the line was too long?  How is that any more responsible than waiting in line to fill up their tank.  This isn’t “just choose juice when the milk is all gone.”  This is “how in the heck do I get my family home with an empty gas tank?”

Halloween season officially started in our home today.  Maggie just couldn’t wait another day to put up our very strange, very random assortment of Halloween decorations.  Guess I better get going on her costume…  No lie, I had just finished typing this and Maggie called up the stairs “Mom, can you start knitting (she said knitting, but that’s what she calls sewing) my skeleton costume?”

The whole family helped clean up a week’s worth of clutter this morning.  Now my husband isn’t letting the children play with any of their toys.  Must keep the house clean.  Must not let children be children.  Must finish my work so he can go watch football and we can mess up the house!!


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