The Path Not Chosen

Now that’s a loaded statement.  Or a loaded question.  Or at least a loaded something.  My writing group has chosen “The Path Not Taken” for our next writing exercise.  I thought a little about it on my way home.  I already have about 12 different ideas for paths I didn’t take.

But back to the writing group.  We are women from all walks of life who all happen to be mothers, some with youngsters some with oldsters (pardon the bad verbage – I’m tired and my humor gets a little whacky this late at night.)  Most of us didn’t know each other until a few months ago.  We meet once a month to talk, share our writing, critique our writing and then talk some more.

I am pleased to have found this group of women.  And I think now, that after only three months we are a group of women, not a group of strangers anymore.  Sharing personal writing is a little like running around outside with your clothes off.  You are vulnerable, everyone can see what you’ve got hidden away, but it is quite invigorating.  (Maybe I’m really too tired to be making analogies right now.) 

What I will say is that I am very glad that this path led me to this group.  I almost didn’t go the first time.  I was extremely nervous that first night.  I was still nervous the second night.  Now I look forward to it every month, but still with a little trepidation of the newness of the friendships and the exposing of oneself.  Writing on paper is much more anonymous than reading aloud what you have written.  I am, however, already looking forward to next month.

Without these women you wouldn’t be reading this blog.  Without these women I wouldn’t have found this outlet in my life.  I would like to thank these women (without getting totally cheese-nugget about it) for sharing, critiquing and talking.  What a great way to spend an evening.


2 responses to “The Path Not Chosen

  1. Thanks for articulating what I’ve been thinking!
    – Your fellow writing Mama!

  2. I agree with Leanne. This has been so much fun- a great change of pace. I feel very inspired. Everyone has been great!

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