space bags

This one might be short, the children are in the bath and when my husband gives them their bath it lasts about 8 seconds.  Tonight at dinner Maggie started talking in one of her rambling kind of ways.  I was half listening and mostly getting ready for tomorrow by packing lunches.  After a minute I turned to her and said “What are we talking about?”  Normally my sharp mind can handle two things at once but I realized I was out in left field with no idea what the conversation was about.

Then she explained it to me and I realized why I was so confused.  She was talking about space bags.  I had heard “space” and thought we were talking planets, space ships or the like.  Nope.  Space bags.  She gave me the whole info-mercial. 

“You take a big thing that is really big and put your things in it.  Then you take a hose thing and suck the air out.  Then it gets very small and it fits under your bed, or on your shelves.  It is very small.  Then when you want your stuff out it comes out very clean and it’s just like it was before.  Isn’t that neat?  Do you think we need some space bags?”

Maybe, what I know for sure is your dad has been letting you watch shows with info-mercials again.  I only allow educational TV and limited at that.  With Dad, it’s anything goes.  It almost sounds like she lives in two different houses.  Nope, again.  Just, apparently, with two people who have two different ideas about what is healthy to watch on TV.

But back to the space bags.  Yah, I’ve thought about it.  Never done it.  Have a lot of stuff that I need to store.  But more than that I have a lot of stuff that needs to GO.  Not store, but GO, GO, GO.  This is going to be the winter of “the great purge.”  Baby things – gone.  Maternity clothes – gone.  My skinny clothes – gone.  The junk that keeps piling up no matter how hard I try to keep it at bay – gone.  Check back with me in five months and I’ll let you know if I need those space bags.  And then Maggie can get a commission on the sale.


One response to “space bags

  1. Oh good luck! I feel your pain. You cannot organize clutter…purge purge purge. (Said the woman who can’t even see her dining room table right now because of the mile high pile of crap under which it is buried.) Thanks for the inspiration. Maybe tomorrow…

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