I’m kind of running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.  Both my children are napping (at the same time) which is a rare occurrence anymore.  And I’m not sacked out with either of them, which again – rare.  So I’m trying to use my time wisely by getting things done that would be really hard with little people around.  I have looked at about 7 different projects that I have going, but keep circling through them all instead of digging in.

Part of the problem is that I never know how long this luxurious time to myself will last.  There was a false alarm just moments ago when my son cried out for a few minutes until he quieted himself (either that or he went out the other door and is roaming around downstairs, most likely foraging for food.)

I have a hard time getting started on things that I won’t be able to finish.  So I longingly look at all of them, hoping for a time I can complete them.  Instead I am blogging and about to attack the funk that is my tub.

The other problem with this me-time is that I sit quietly in the room between the bedrooms.  It’s more than a hallway, but not quite a true room.  Perfect for the computer and my sewing machine.  I can go crazy on the computer while they nap, but not so much with the sewing machine.  It is so loud I fear ending nap time prematurely, so I put off sewing.  That is where I am really behind!  I have monogramming orders piling up.  And they are getting later and later.

Just about the time the kids wake up I will hit my afternoon wall where all I want to do is crawl into bed for a few minutes.  I will have missed my chance, but hope this little bit of quiet will be worth it. 

Yikes, I just remembered the real reason I sat down at the computer.  I have another project I was going to try to finish before nap is over.  OK, apply cleanser to bathroom, allow cleanser to do the hard work, finish project on computer, then wash away cleanser to a sparkling clean tub.  Maybe I am napping after all because a clean tub really sounds like a dream…


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