birthday party

Did you know the most important thing to a 4 year old is their next birthday?  More importantly the birthday party.  I have heard Maggie talk about her next party since about a day after her last party ended.  New friends are introduced to me as “This is Sam.  He is going to come to my next birthday party at Pump It Up.”  (The Pump It Up party has not been confirmed, but I think I’m losing the battle of something else coming up to guide her toward.  Time will tell.)

Funny thing – I went to Maggie’s class today to take some pictures of the children for a project I volunteered to do.  Within seconds of walking in the door one child asked me if Maggie had a good time at his birthday party (It was at Pump It Up over a month ago and started the PIU obsession, so yah, she had fun…)  Then a girl told me she was going to have a “Hello Kitty – Hannah Montana” party.  Yikes, that makes Pump It Up sound mellow!

Three other children were making pretend invitations to their birthday parties.  And passing them out.  Are you getting what I’m talking about here?  The room was abuzz with birthday talk and it wasn’t anyone’s birthday.  Later in the day Maggie picked out another wedding cake at the grocery store that she wants to have at her next party.  The birthday talk never ends.

My thoughts on this are twofold.  Don’t mess with a 4 year old making birthday-party guest lists.  They are serious.  The biggest compliment you can show someone is “Will you come to my next birthday party?”  Not to be forgotten though, and luckily I didn’t hear any today, but remember “You can’t come to my next birthday party” to tell someone how super mad you were at them.

My other thought on this that all the moms (and dads) out there who think the planning they did the month before the party was a lot of work, you have no idea!  These kids equate everything with their birthdays.  I’m not saying more is better, or bigger is better.  I’m saying plan, relax and watch them enjoy their day to shine.  (I am going to try to do this from now on…   I tried waaaay too hard last year to orchestrate a three-hour event.  Let ’em play, feed ’em and have something cool enough that the kids will want it at their party – even if it’s just a mom that will get silly with them.)


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