Sunday night thoughts

Maggie has a boyfriend.  She is 4.  She actually has 5 boyfriends.   Her first “boyfriend” is a nice boy she plays with at school.  The others include her brother Nicholas, her dad, her Grandpa Joe and her Bapa (other grandpa).  So while I was shocked to hear the word boyfriend from my preschooler’s lips, I am pleased that it just means her friend that is a boy.

I have gotten “permission” for lack of a better word to put an Obama yard sign in our yard!   Yippee!  We are a house divided so I never really thought to ask.  I have the magnet on the car that I drive and thought I would call it a day.  But I am so energized over this campaign that I threw out the suggestion of the yard sign tonight and was told “to do whatever I wanted as long as the house doesn’t get egged.”  I’ll clean up the eggs if someone were to be that ignorant, but I doubt that to be the case.  I pointed out a neighbor’s yard sign and he said “isn’t that close enough?”  I answered enthusiastically “No!!”  So I will be going to the headquarters on Tuesday with a friend to collect the appropriate campaign materials and sign up for a time to volunteer. 

Nicholas hasn’t nursed during the day in four days!  Yippee!  He seems to be handling it pretty well.  Nap got a little dicey today and he fussed a bit when my husband put him down instead of me.  I am going to try the on-the-go routine again this week and then see if he will nap at home in bed without nursing.

On the way home from Indiana we had quite a bit of wind.  My husband checked the radio to make sure we weren’t driving into a tornado.  We were talking about the wind and how much the trees were moving.  Maggie piped up from the back “Today would be a great day to fly a kite!”  We got her a kite at the end of summer and never had a windy enough day to fly it.  She was right, it would have been a good kite day – had it not been raining and sooo windy that the kite would disintegrate in a matter of minutes.  You can’t blame a girl for trying.

And she forgot about the Oreo cookies!  Didn’t even eat one.  Hah!

I’m starting to see the business of the holiday season fast approaching.  I have a few projects due this week, and a few big ones due in the next month or so.  Add to that the campaign trail, general care and well being of my family mixed with about 7 birthdays, Halloween costumes, school newsletters, and getting the FUNK out of my tub… I could go on.  I better get organized in the next couple of days, because it’s about to get crazy!

Sorry to anyone who has gotten whiplash from reading this post.  It’s a bit here and there, but it’s a glimpse of what goes on in my head!  This actually includes a bit of editing.  You don’t want to see the version that transpires with all the extraneous thoughts that truly take place…


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