Obama ’08

I have not been this optimistic about the upcoming election in quite a while.  I have been in the battleground state of Indiana visiting relatives for the weekend.  I usually politely sit back and listen when politics come up since I am the lone-wolf liberal.  But with such an important election just over a month away I couldn’t help myself.  And I’m so glad I couldn’t!  I learned that not only are some of the family possibly casting a vote for Obama, but the others aren’t sure that they want to vote for McCain.  This is a first.  We were able to talk issues.  Some of us listened politely during parts of the discussion, and others listened politely at other times, but we discussed.

I am optimistic.  I know now which people welcome the information and which do not.  I know which issues are important to certain people and will be sharing all pertinent information with them.  I said I would not flood their in-boxes, but I am already having a hard time with that promise.  I have so much to share with them.

I feel like I might make a difference.  My current home is in a state that is rather hopelessly red, but I’m here in a state that really matters.  I will be campaigning until the end.  I will do all that is within my power to get the information out there to help these people make the right choice. 

I think I was taken so off guard that their minds were open to discussion that I am giddy with ideas.  Almost everyone has a topic that is near and dear to them.  Since many of this part of my family are historically conservative, I have new hope that the United States as a whole is not doing business as usual.  I don’t know how many votes I will actually sway, but we are discussing issues and that is a wonderful place to be at this stage of the election.  My mind has been made up for over a year, they are still unsure.  That means I am coming from a place of strength and they might just be ready to listen.


One response to “Obama ’08

  1. This makes my heart smile with optimism! Wonderful post. You are definitely making a difference. Thank you! Go Obama!

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