is that the phone?

My husband likes to rearrange furniture.  He does it sometimes after we have talked about what is going to go where.  Other times I just come home and everything is different.  One time when I was visiting my parents with the kids, he rearranged MY office.  (By office, I mean the corner of the basement that he agreed when we bought the house could be mine.)  I was not a happy woman.

His latest move has been of our phones.  Let me start off by saying HE DOES NOT ANSWER THE PHONE.  EVER.  Sorry for yelling, but it’s beginning to hack me off.  He will occasionallyanswer the phone if it is me calling, but that’s not even a given.  Anyone else is pretty much getting the machine.  He doesn’t check messages either.  He didn’t even know the code to check messages until one of my out-of-town trips about 2 years after we set up the code.

So with all that out in the open, let me just say now he’s monkeying around with where the phones are.  He moved one that I use all the time to a room that I barely ever go in because he thought it was “in the way.”  I had the perfect system set up. I could hear the phone from just about every room, but didn’t have all the ringers on so if Nick was asleep we didn’t unnecessarily wake him.  Or me, I love a good nap.

Now I am missing calls, changing ring volumes, darting from room to room, hearing beeps from dead batteries, it’s a mess!  Why can’t we just leave well enough alone?  Tomorrow I am moving all the phones back where they were.  At least they are light enough that I can undo the mayhem without throwing out my back!


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