What are you looking for?

So I pretty much coasted through today.  The kids and I had a “pajama day” which we haven’t done in a very long time.  Nothing like a low-grade fever to knock the ambition out of you.  But we managed to get a little cleaning done, a little playing done, some books read, naps taken and watched a few shows to finish the day.  I say finish the day – but really that just means until my husband gets home from work.  We still have dinner, bath, and bedtime to go – but as I see it, the hard part is over.  I am, afterall, sitting down now, by myself, having a complete thought at the computer.

Funny story:  My son Nicholas likes to pick a random object to carry around the house and deposit in another very random place.  (We are just happy that the toilet is less and less often “the place”)  I was watching Keith Olbermann, and Mike came up to the TV room obviously looking for something.  It is his way, and it drives me nuts, to obviously be looking for something and not ever ask if I have seen it.  I am the knower of where things are (unless, of course, it is my keys and I am running late.)  So I usually give up and ask “What are you looking for?” 

“I thought I saw the cutting board up here,”  he said last night.

 “No, the tongs were up here, the cutting board is in the living room,” I said.

 “I guess next time I will just look behind the toilet,” he said.

We both laughed.  Normally something like this would annoy him or me or both of us.  It was nice to both just be able to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

What’s funny to me now, is that not only do we have to search the house for kitchen items, but it took me three days to move the tongs back and that was only when I actually needed to use them.  Ditto for the cutting board.  He apparently saw it “somewhere weird” but he didn’t move it either.


One response to “What are you looking for?

  1. We are living parallel lives, girl. My 18 month old’s reason for living is to hide the TV remote and the phone. It took us two months to find the remote last time (and it was in a rain boot in the laundry room). No joke. We were watching TV like in the 50s – getting up off the couch to change the station every time. So sad. And I’ve stopped going to those Pampered Chef parties because I am so sick of spending all that green on wisks and spatulas that double for “Yiddle People” and toilet brushes. You crack me up! Great post.

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