thinking in blog

It’s become an addiction for me.  Or at least something I really enjoy that gives me an outlet.  Just about all day long I find myself thinking in blog.  I write posts in my mind about everything I do.  Sometimes I make notes to make sure I don’t forget things.  (I have been forgetting a lot lately.  But I know I’m forgetting, so that’s the kind of forgetting that isn’t losing-your-mind-forgetting, just annoying-as-heck forgetting.)

A few mini-blogs from today:

Toilet Boy strikes again…  at school this time.  In the morning he put the brush from a hand brush and dustpan set in the commode.  It’s a small-sized toilet just right for the youngsters and a little too appealing for Nicholas.  Then at the very end of the school day, he dropped a large farm sheep in it.  Double yuk.

I don’t know how working parents get everything done every day.  I guess being on a routine might be part of the answer.  But to get everyone ready and get out the door on time and then work all day and then get everyone home, fed, bathed, books, bed and ready again for the next day.  It’s crazy!  Plus shopping, laundry, paying bills, doing dishes, yikes.  But I guess I know some working moms who think the same thing about staying home.  They say “What do you do all day with the kids?  How do you entertain them all day, every day?”  So I guess there is no right answer, just what works for you.

The classroom I worked in today was full of 2 year olds.  It was a busy day!  There is a reading nook built a few steps up that is quite cozy.  It’s a little bit of an illusion because from the floor it looks quite tall, but from the top step, it’s not all that tall at all.  I know because I stood up and bumped my head.  An hour later or so, I did the same thing, only REALLY brained myself.  I just kept thinking – Don’t let these children see you cry!  I checked for blood for about the next hour as it throbbed away, doing concussion checks on myself.  And then three hours later DID IT AGAIN!  You would think I would have learned my lesson.  I blame it on the false height perception, and the fact that the two-year-olds were keeping my mind otherwise occupied.  It wasn’t until much later that I had a terrible thought – maybe the concussion talking – but please tell me that the US can learn from two mistakes without making a third.  I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person and it took three lumps on my head to prove a point.  I genuinely hope that America is not foolish enough to crack it’s skull open and continue with another four years of the insanity we have had for the last eight.


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