go back to sleep!

Go back to sleep!  This is what you will hear me say on any given morning, as it is rare that I wake up before my children.  The days when one sleeps in, the other wakes up at the crack of dawn and vise versa.  It’s a cruel twist to my day.  I love, love, love to sleep.  Especially when it is 5am.  Or 5:30am.  Even 6am. 

I can only think of 3 days when I was totally OK with waking up at 5am.   One was to board a plane for a vacation to Cancun.  The other two were the days I was scheduled for C-sections at the hospital.  I wasn’t sleeping those mornings anyway so I was just glad we could get moving.  Other than those three days I can’t think of any reason to wake up before, oh, say 7am.

In my olden days of not being a mom and working at a job that started later in the morning, I was known to sleep until 9 every morning.  This, of course, meant I was able to stay up later, which I so love to do.  Now when I see 11pm coming I know I better get to bed fast, or I will have many regrets in a mere 6-6 1/2 hours when the children wake me.  Did I mention I really need about 8 hours of sleep to function normally?  Even more makes me function even better.

I keep trying to explain to the wee ones that I am a much nicer mommy when I get to sleep a little later.  They haven’t really caught on yet, but I’m sure they will.  I’m counting on the fact that they will one day put together the happy-mommy-in-the-morning with the days we all sleep until 7am.  I just hope it gets here before I have scarred them with my sleepy pleas for them to go back to sleep.  I know it’s not likely for them to go back to sleep once they are awake, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.  Even ten more minutes of lying prone in the bed helps me.

I like to think ahead to the days when they are in high school and they sleep until all hours of the morning/afternoon.  I could say I will seek revenge on them and take pleasure in waking them, but I imagine I will be in my bed fast asleep catching up on my zzzzzs.


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