the process

Nicholas’s teacher is a wonderful woman.  He is starting the warm-up process by going to school occasionally while I sub and help out around the school.  He will start for real in January going two days a week.  Last week was one of his first real days without me.  I was in a different classroom and he was out on his own.  Quite a bit of crying, which I could hear from my room.  Quite a bit disturbing, but he was not crying with tears and true hurt.  He was crying out of anger and lack of words to explain his emotions.  Somehow that made me feel better.  That, and knowing that the woman he was with truly understands children.  And the times he wasn’t crying, he was having a ball.

We both watched him on the playground take a drink of his water and instead dump it all right onto his shirt.  I mentioned something about “some days he has no spills and other days it’s like he has never held a cup before” wanting her to know that he does get a cup at home.  She replied “it’s the process right now.  He’s learning cause and effect.”  It was nice to have someone acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with him for spilling water.  That he is not behind, slow, or otherwise challenged.  He’s just into the process.

He’s so into the process, in fact, that he has taken to dumping all of his drinks either on his shirt or on the floor.  He likes to clean them up with a towel.  No kidding.  He asked me for a drink by getting a cup and pointing to the water spout on the fridge and grunting until I did as I was instructed.  He took about a half a sip and then poured the water on the floor.  Then promptly asked for a towel, again with the pointing and grunting.  Some in our house would take that to mean that he “isn’t ready” for a cup.  I know that he is just working through the process.  I, for one, will be glad when the process moves to something that doesn’t create the process of more laundry.  But at least, for now, we are not going through the throwing things in the toilet process, which was a lot more gross!


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