The remote story is a little funny, but mostly sad.  Last night after getting the kids to bed, getting lunches ready for the three of us and breakfast bowls, spoons and glasses out for the next morning I deliriously headed to the couch with my piece of chocolate.  Only to get there and have my husband tell me he couldn’t find the remote.  Not a big deal, right?  Oh, yes, a big deal.  Without it our TV is virtually not usable.  The nine o’clock hour of my day almost always involves the TV.

My first thought was that Nicholas had dropped it somewhere.  He likes to carry things around and then drop them in a VERY random fashion.  My next thought was that Maggie had hidden it because I didn’t let her watch shows in the late afternoon yesterday.  Either scenario spelled trouble for us.  My husband checked under the couch and in the couch crevices.  I snuck back into the room I had just put Nicholas to sleep in, searching the floor , closet and any other random place he would go, using my book light to light the way.

Then Mike searched the downstairs.  The whole downstairs.  Another toyroom, the toy chest next to the TV, back to the hallways.  I went into Maggie’s room with a flashlight and searched her whole room.   We were two people on a mission.  We finally met back up in Nicholas’ bedroom with two flashlights and desperate looks on our faces.  Nothing.

I was having flashes of my children trying to ruin my night.  Maggie must have known she was hiding it.  She was the last to turn the TV off.   I almost woke her to ask her where it was.  I pictured Nicholas dumping it in the trash that had already been taken out (with last night’s chicken package, iiccckkk.)  I think I was going through a mini version of withdrawal.  I was going to find it, somehow…

Looking back, we could have just read a book, or talked to each other, or various other things adults do in the night.  But I was tired and I wanted to eat my chocolate while watching a DVR’d show without commercials and go to bed.  I was sooo bummed.

I finally moved the whole toy box and there it was!  It had been on top of the toy chest and my guess is that Nicholas opened the chest and it fell behind.  Both my sweet children were innocent of any wrongdoing and no one was out to get me.  Whew.  Crisis averted.  My husband said he had even checked the toilets, what with toilet boy being one of the suspects…

So now I leave you to go eat a piece of chocolate and sit in front of the TV.  I hope.


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