For something light tonight, because I need to laugh, I decided to share some of the funny things Maggie comes up with.

As she watched me flossing my teeth the other morning “I wish I could make that cool sound with the floss.”  (As it comes out from between my teeth.)

When we were leaving Rooms to Go before she was ready “I’m not done at Disneyland yet.”  She thinks the kids room in the back of Rooms to Go is Disneyland because it has so many princess things.

We left the YMCA last week and the paramedics were parked out front.  They had been called to help a woman who appeared to me to have had a diabetic issue while doing a swim class.  I explained some of this to Maggie, but we were sure the woman was OK because the paramedics were leaving.  A few days later I complained to Maggie that I didn’t like her behavior and it might be that she had too much sugar that day.  She replied “Well, sugar really helped that woman at the pool, so too much sugar is not a bad thing.”

I have resorted to the old “Last one there is a rotten egg” a few times lately, mostly when I am totally willing to be the rotten egg as long as it gets her moving.  The other day we were getting in the car and she said “Mom, we are not playing the boiled egg game.”

We were listening to NPR on the way to school and they were doing a story on Pennsylvania voters.  Eight different voices said “George Bush” (who they voted for last time) and then “I don’t know” for who they would vote for this time, showing the voters not necessarily going the party line.  Maggie said “Wait a minute.   George Bush.  That’s the doll that Nana and Bapa have.”  It is.  It’s a cat toy that they pounce on and carry around in their mouths.  Nothing gets by this girl.

This morning I said in a very cheery voice “We get to go to the dentist tomorrow.”  She said “We do??  Awesome!  I love the dentist.”  Maybe I’m selling that one a little too much…

It seems there are more that I can’t remember at the moment.  And these don’t do nearly as well typed as they do with her cute face and strong intonation behind them.  But tonight it’s the best I can do.


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