newsletter angst

I have spent waayyyy too much time today working on a project I volunteered to do for Maggie’s school.  I had spent a good deal of time working on the layout and design and was pretty happy with the product.  Then I went to Kinko’s to print it out because it’s tabloid size which my little printer just can’t do.  Went to the first Kinko’s, you’ll notice here that would be the first Kinko’s but they no longer have the program I used, QuarkXPress.  They sent me to another Kinko’s who still is “Quarky.”  But there my newsletter went terribly wrong when their computer did not recognize my font and recalculated everything to it’s version of the same font!  Same font, same size, but now nothing fit.  The horrors of technology.

So after quite a few attempts and I must say a fairly helpful staffer, though not helpful enough to be able to do it all for me, I came home to try plan B.  Plan B consisted of changing fonts to see if their computer recognized a different font the way it should.  Plan C was to actually change my newsletter to PDF format. (Are you bored yet, because I sure as hell am.)   I ended up downloading a program for $30 that  said it would solve all my problems for less than the $300 program.  Bought it, and kept getting error messages.  No lie.  Plan D was to change the design size to 8.5 x 11 instead of 11 x 17.  Booo.

Figured out that the logo was causing error messages, by trial and error, mind you, not because the program helped me.  So now I finally have the newsletter as a PDF minus the logo which I will just have to figure out tomorrow.  Was going back to Kinko’s tonight to get a copy the Director could proof and sign off on, but Nicholas wouldn’t go to sleep.  Asked husband to help, he helped for all of 10 minutes and gave up.  Left Nicholas to cry, which “we” don’t do.  Husband murmured something about how “he does it all” which would be laugh-out-loudable if I didn’t see stars when he said it.  I tried to get Nicholas to sleep and every time I crept out he sat up screaming.  It NEVER works when I’m mad.  He senses the tension and all bets are off. 

So now Nicholas is crumbling up printed out rough drafts of the newsletter instead of sleeping and it’s two hours past his bedtime.  The only good thing to come out of all this mess is if I had stormed out to Kinko’s like I wanted to they would have gotten quite a show.  I forgot I had taken my bra off and this in NOT the shirt to wear braless.  Unless, that is, that would help them get this stupid logo back in and print out the darn newsletter…  not really, I’m not that cheap or easy, but a girl can dream.


One response to “newsletter angst

  1. “Quarky” makes me laugh. Quarky, QUARKY, QUARKY!!!!

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