it hurts to type

No lie.  It hurts to type.  I went to my first Power Sculpt class today with a friend and it took every last power I had in my body to drive the car home.  My core muscles apparently suck rocks!  I knew I was in trouble when the leader kept saying “we’re just warming up, we’re just warming up.”  I thought maybe she was trying to make a joke since I was close to maxxed out.  Not the case.  We went on for another hour and fifteen minutes.  I had no idea how long the class was so I was hopeful at the 45 minute mark and again at the hour mark.  The rest was just plain brutal.  I’m pretty sure that if I hurt already, and I did the exercise today, that tomorrow I may have to lie in bed all day.  Not likely, but sounding really good right about now.

One part she called the skull crusher.  You lay (I’m too freakin’ tired to get my book that reminds me the difference between lay, lie, etc.  Take pity on a sore girl and save judgement…) on your back and hold the weights above your head lowering them ever so carefully toward your forehead.  Then back up and then back down, like about 90 times.  Well, maybe 12 or 24, I honestly can’t tell you how many.  I started daydreaming of actually crushing my skull and being wheeled out by paramedics on a cozy gurney.  I decided that would actually be a bit too embarrassing, at least this week.  I’m holding onto it for later in case I need it.

The plan is to actually attend again next Saturday.  I might have the flu by then.  But seriously, there was a wide array of people in all shapes, sizes and ages.  I was about middle of the road in all areas, but these people were kicking my butt.  One woman had to have been twice my age (and that makes her nearly 80!) She might not have done every rep, but she certainly did the whole hour and a quarter.  I was duly impressed. 

I have never been so happy for someone to tell me goodbye.  Then we had to unload all of our props.  Somehow my 5 pound weights seemed to have gained about 3 pounds during the hour.  And the ten pounders were just downright heavy.  I carry a 30-pound child around, how can ten pounds bring me to my knees?  Speaking of the 30-pound child, he must have sensed my weakness because he wanted nothing more than to be held and carried today.  I plan to go to bed early and hope I wake up in a few days when my muscles have forgiven me.


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