haircut day

The only plan for today?  Haircuts.  Both my children finally needed haircuts at the same time.  And today was the perfect day, not my workout day, no school, before the weekend rush, perfect.  Until it actually started.  I had hopes until about 15 minutes ago that we would all rally and still get haircuts.  Now both children are fast asleep taking much needed naps.  Haircuts will have to wait.

Maggie has decided I spend too much time with Nicholas and staged a revolt this morning.  Of course I didn’t get to the real reason until the revolt had been going on for more than two hours.  But that’s it in a nutshell, I spend too much time with him and not enough with her.  I think it is also a great deal of — I help him get dressed (he’s only 1 1/2) and she gets herself dressed.  I help him pick up toys, she is responsible for picking up her own toys.  I carry his dirty dishes, she carries her own dirty dishes.  I change his diapers, she has to wipe her own butt (something she has always hated and finds terribly gross, and thinks I should do instead).  But the biggie is I co-sleep with Nicholas and she sleeps by herself.

Most days she is fine with this.  We have worked through some rough patches and we seem to get in sync and then she pulls a morning like this and I wonder how to be in two places at once.  Of course the whole time I’m trying to talk with her Nicholas is going around pulling out more toys and emptying shelves, thereby prolonging the whole clean up process.  I don’t make her clean up his messes, I’m not heartless.  But her own dress up clothes that just need to be walked down to the dress up box?  You betcha.

So we are back to the dilemma, do I start sleeping with her sometimes because she needs me or do I let her work through this because she wants me.  Needs and wants are two totally different things.  I miss sleeping with her.  We co-slept until a Nicholas was born.  Then my husband shared took over and eventually she began to sleep by herself.  I loved sleeping with her.  If it worked to all sleep together I would do it in a heartbeat.  It doesn’t.  We tried.  The kids loved it, I barely slept for a week.  Doesn’t make for a happy mom.

Maybe we’ll just see how the rest off the day goes.  A good nap for them both and who knows, we might be off to get haircuts…

UPDATE:  You will all be relieved to know we made it for haircuts!  Maggie got a considerable trim, not sure it’s even in back and Nicholas is definitely not even.  Don’t think we will be going back there, but at least they are trimmed for the time being…


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