lessons learned

With a few hours to go before my husband came home to take care of the kids for the night, it sounded like a good idea to spend a little time outdoors.  The kids naturally gravitated to the neighbors’ fence to visit with their two puppies (don’t ask me what kind – I know nothing of dogs).  After a few more minutes they gravitated to the neighbors’ front porch and the porch swing.  We have permission to visit the swing whenever we like.

Maggie arrived first and just as Nicholas was getting to the top step she gave a big push.  The words were hanging from my mouth as I watched Nicholas take a giant step toward the swing as it was moving backward.  But they didn’t quite get out of my mouth in time.  As we (people old enough to read) all know, what goes back must come forward.  The swing did just that.  Knocked him square in the nose and flat onto his butt.  I don’t know what was louder – his scream or Maggie apologizing.  But I had been standing right there.  Some of the worst things happen when you are right within reach.  Or maybe they just seem worse because the things you miss aren’t emblazoned on your brain.

Maggie was horrified.  Even more so when she caught a glimpse of his face and the blood running down it.  Running.  Not oozing or dripping, but running.  I quite calmly scooped him up and told Maggie to follow me.  (Maybe that First Aid Training certificate I just got TODAY was helping to keep me calm.)  I glanced back once to be sure she was coming and it looked like she was a bit frozen in place.  My guess is she was really scared by the blood and was really afraid she would be in trouble.  She looked ready to burst into tears.  I told her everything would be fine, just follow me.

By the time we got to our house Nicholas had stopped crying.  We wiped the tears and the blood away and his nose looked the shape it was supposed to be, so that was a relief.  Checked his teeth, quickly, and they seemed fine too.  Tried to ice a little, but he had none of that.

Maggie asked me in all seriousness “Why did he walk in front of the swing?”  I explained that he doesn’t know yet that gravity has special powers and that swings to the head can hurt, though I suspect he has a little better understanding now.  Would he do it again?  Absolutely!  He learns things the hard way, just ask the stairs he has fallen down multiple times.

I was relieved to no end that he seemed fine, that Maggie was appropriately concerned for him and that somehow I had managed to not get blood on the white shirt I was wearing.  I checked about four times because I really couldn’t believe it.  A minute before I left for my meeting, I happened to do a check of the back of my hair.  Hair was fine, the big blood streak down the back of my shirt, not so good.  But my boy is fine and that is worth all the white shirts in my closet.


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