counting on my fingers

Sometimes I even crack myself up.  Today at the Y I was doing my one-mile walk on the track and actually started laughing at myself.  Out loud.  For the past two weeks I have been wishing I had a clicker counter, like they use to count pitches or golf swings, so I could keep track of how many laps I had done on the track.  I am a finite person.  I like to know things exactly.  (Other than my punctuation, apparently, which I make up as I go along.)  Eighteen laps makes a mile.  I like to know what lap I’m on and how many to go.  It makes the times pass, I guess. 

So every time I get up there and start going around I inevitably lose track of what lap I’m on.  Not training for the Olympics here, just getting a little exercise, but the numbers are important to me.  At the end of a lap, if I’m not sure, I always go with the lower number.  I would rather do extra than not enough, well, actually I don’t want to assume I have done more than I really have.  There’s a difference.  It’s not credit with anyone else I care about, it’s credit in my own mind.  (Wouldn’t you like to spend a day in there!!)  So now I have started counting on my fingers.  No lie.  I’m the lady who walks around the track at the Y counting laps on my fingers.  I started laughing today because it kind of looked like I was flashing gang symbols.  As if I know any gang symbols. 

The sad part is it totally helped!  My handy dandy (pun) system got the job done.  I think I was probably walking more like a mile and half for all the laps I used to count wrong.  It flew by today and now if I want to add laps I will be getting proper credit (not street credit, again, like I would have a chance…)

Now my only concern is that on certain days you have to walk clockwise and on others you have to go counter clockwise.  There are two clocks you can stare at if you go counter.  Going clockwise you have to strain your head to catch a glimpse of one and have no chance of seeing the other.  Like I said, finite – I want to see those clocks!  I’m thinking of sending in a comment card that says there should be clocks available for both directions.  Do you suppose those comment cards can be anonymous?  Or should I just sign my gang name…


One response to “counting on my fingers

  1. Shut up that you count your laps on your hands!! I thought I was the only one who ever did that.

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