what comes next?

“What comes next?  Now what?”  These questions were repeatd to me over and over and over and over every morning as we would get ready for school.  It all became quite ridiculous.  To complicate things, I could only give one job at a time or she would forget both and I would be repeating myself twice as much.

Enough!  We finally made up a chart of things she needs to do and she gets to move cards into the done pile when she has finished them.  The cards turned out kind of cute.  Since she can’t read yet we took pictures of her doing all the things and I put one word captions on them.  The day we were taking pictures she thought it was pretty cool so we couldn’t just take one for “get dressed” we had to do one for “panties,” one for “shirt,” and one for “pants.”  I thought we would have about 10 cards.  Instead we have closer to 25.  But the beautiful part, you ask?  She beat me getting ready this morning and I NEVER ONCE had to ask her to do anything.  That music you hear in the background is the sound of violins escorting me to the quiet place known as my mind.  It was fantastic!  Tomorrow I will make the night time version.  I already took the pictures, I just have to assemble them.  She can’t wait and neither can I!

Note:  After my fashion advice from yesterday, she got up today and put her underwear on sideways.  Not backwards, but sideways!  She said she liked it that way – always her challenge words to me.  I talked her into changing them.  I was afraid she would lose circulation plus I knew it would be uncomfortable.  I didn’t mention how jealous I was that it was even possible to put them on sideways.  There’s no way my waist is fitting through a leg hole!!  Ahh, to be young again…

Note:  Nicholas actually wore his sister’s pajamas tonight and last night.  I got behind on laundry and he’s outgrown a few pairs.  I said to my husband last night “He doesn’t actually look THAT bad.”  (They are pink and purple with snowflakes.)  My husband said “Yah, if your a gay skiier.”  (No offense to my gay friends…)  I got him some manly pajamas today but haven’t gotten those washed either…


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