fashion advice

I am going to start taking fashion advice from my daughter.  She has strong opinions about some things and could care less about others.  For instance, she has about seven pairs of shorts in various colors that are hand-me-downs.  She loves them.  I am envious of her ability to pull off wearing shorter shorts, but her long lean legs are perfect for them.  The catch is that she wears them all backwards.  On purpose.  Because there are two pockets on the back and she doesn’t see the sense in that.  “If I want to put something in my pocket, it will be right here where I can reach it.” 

At first, I used to try to argue with her that the tag goes in back, blah, blah, blah.  Now I appreciate that she has a good reason to wear them the way she does and who am I to interfere.  I have spent years trying to figure out what looks good on myself and come up with a clothing style of my own.  She had pretty much figured it out already.  I say pretty much because I don’t want to mislead.  She wears some scary-crazy outfits, but they are all her.  I doubt that many strangers would wonder who picked out some of her choices.  I bet some wonder how I “let her out of the house looking like that” but I dare them to ask me. 

For awhile she wore her green frog boots just about every day, raining or not.  My husband wore a look of embarrassment, I wore a look of pride.  Go for it, I say!  Yesterday she mentioned something about her “beautiful shirt that was her new favorite.”  I had to laugh and say, “wasn’t it the only one left in the drawer?”  She said “yes, but I love it.”  That makes me happy.

Tonight she picked out the top shirt in her drawer and the top pants in the other drawer with barely a glance.  I’m sure tomorrow we will have some sort of conversation in which she explains why this is the best outfit for today.  I can hardly wait to hear her explanation.  Right after that I will stumble to my own closet and try to pick out something I am equally as excited about.  At least for right now, I am finding a lot more joy in her choice of clothes than in my own.  Maybe I should try wearing my pants backwards…


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