tough morning

Not in that anything major went wrong in my life, but some mornings are just tougher then others.  Our mornings are usually a wonderful way to start over from any tiredness or crabbiness which we may have ended the previous evening.  During the day if we get off an a rocky patch Maggie says “Let’s start the day over.”  Mornings are a nice, quiet, organized time in the otherwise hectic days of a mom and two kids.  These last two mornings have been a test of my patience.

Yesterday Maggie forgot how to do EVERYTHING she has been doing for months.  Couldn’t put her clothes in the hamper, couldn’t make her bed, couldn’t get dressed, couldn’t get it together.  It got pretty ugly before it was over.  I found this to be so unfortunate since it was her first day of the fall semester at her Montessori school.  I pictured everything going so smoothly and dropping her off with a huge smile on my face.  Not the case.

But we both got over it.  I apologized and she accepted my apology.  Sometimes it feels like I’m talking to a seventy year old woman (albeit one who can’t put her clothes in the hamper, and can’t make her bed…)  I am very lucky to have her in my life.

Today was Nicholas’ morning to shine.  My sweet boy managed to dump his half-full cereal bowl (in this case I think half-empty would be the optimistic choice, but I’m sticking with half-full) twice.  Then he spilled his smoothie and smashed his muffin all over the table, himself and the floor.  When I lifted him from his booster I realized he was actually sitting in a puddle of smoothie that had soaked into his pants.  Begin the morning again by getting dressed for the second time in 20 minutes.  Maggie even looked at me and said “Whew, he’s having a tough morning.”  Her wisdom exceeds her years.


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