to the gym or bust

I finally had the opportunity today to steal an hour of time to myself and head to the gym.  First I just needed to gather a few necessary things together.  Let’s see, sports bra, where did that darn thing go?  It has been haunting me lately from somewhere – “why aren’t you working out, please wear me.”  So I search my closet and then I search it again.  I know I saw it somewhere.  It was somewhere odd.  I remember thinking how did that get THERE??  Now of course, I have no idea where THERE is. 

After ten minutes or so I decide to go with a regular bra and try a few on thinking to myself that this is a conversation that a man never has to have – which bra should I wear.  Thinking that none of them are really right, I want my sports bra, but I give up in disgust.  On to the shoes…  where could those be?

Ponytail, check.  Scary no-makeup face, check.  Sports bra, no.  Shoes, not yet.  Shuffle, where in the world could that be?  Old purses.  I must find all my old purses/diaper bags.  It’s in one of those.  Go downstairs to look for bags.  Find shoes.  Good, one more step closer.  Almost trip over sports bra at bottom of stairs.  How did that get THERE?  Oh right, dropped bag last time I worked out at the door when I came in.  Never moved it.  Has been laughing at me since.  Find old purse/diaper bag, shuffle not in there.  Must be in another.  Back upstairs, more bags.  Hey, find something completely unrelated that has been lost for weeks.  Goody.  More bags, oh good, the shuffle.  Wince as I check the batteries to see if they are dead.  Yippee!  Batteries not dead.  So now I will have a sports bra, ponytail, scary no-makeup face, shoes and music!  I’m off.

On the way there I was beginning to think if I were any weaker in character I might have taken a few of those as signs to just stay home and  take a nap.  But I don’t want to be that old lady who can’t keep up with her kids, so I persevered.  I did Nautilus and walked a mile.  Wanted to ease in so I can still function tomorrow.  Good thing I didn’t bust my knee on the car door until I got home.  That might have been a signal to stay home and organize my life instead!  Even though I had a workout getting ready to go to the gym I still went.  Today it was the gym or bust and I made it!


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