you can be mommy today

As I was getting ready to leave yesterday for an all day meeting, I heard Maggie tell my mom “I will call you mommy today!”  The next 15 minutes were pretty confusing.  I ignored all the mommy questions because Nana was “mommy”  but then was supposed to know when other mommy questions were actually directed at me.  But then I was out the door and off to my meeting with thoughts of how quickly I was being replaced.

A rare day with adults, without children was a wonderful thing for me.  Of course I wondered every so often what my two were up to, but they were with Nana so they couldn’t have been in better hands.  I got to eat lunch in a restaurant and order whatever I wanted, instead of what I could share.  I got to eat when I was served, instead of cutting and blowing on the food of others.  I didn’t even have to wipe any hands other than my own or care if everyone at the table ate their protein.  It was lovely.

On the way home I called to see how things were going.  Nana said wait until you see the house.  My heart dropped for a moment.  I thought – what if she had time to clean and do everything I normally do in a day – how awful!   (Not that I don’t want a clean house, but then my years of griping about not having time to clean would be disproven in one day.)  How relieved I was to walk into a house that looked like a bomb had blown up.  Nana said after going behind Nicholas for about an hour she realized it was pointless.  He can undo faster than anyone can redo.  She figured he would eventually run out of steam and we could put the pieces back together.  I think that is almost word for word from a post I did a few weeks ago.  It’s so nice to hear from someone with fresh eyes who sees the same thing you see.

After day two with the kiddos Nana looked a bit more spaced.  They went on an outing and all had a good time, which kept the clutter in the house to a minimum (anyone who has ever had to show a house while living with small children knows this is the golden rule – if it’s clean, just leave.)  Then she cooked dinner and had it on the table, even though I was late getting out of a meeting.  That was an interesting concept – being the one who was gone, and then coming home later than you expected through no control of your own.  Hmm, that’s a little perspective.

But my favorite moment was after Nana got Maggie to bed and I get Nicholas to sleep. I came downstairs to see her eating a big piece of chocolate from my stash and saying she was brain dead.  She said she felt like the day was full of one huge never ending question from Maggie.  I know just how she feels…


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