freeze dried brain

I write tonight with a totally freeze dried brain.  After nine hours in the car with my husband, two kids, and my mom I am ready to do anything but write.  But I made a promise to myself, so here goes.

Coming back from a vacation has given me ample time to reflect on a few things.  One of which is that my house is a mess.  I need to really up the attention I pay to toilets, floors and flat surfaces, not to mention the clutter.  I think I might have to move my garage sale from the neighborhood sale in October  to sooner than that and just sell everything that doesn’t have a place to go. 

Another is that bedtime for youngsters is really pretty much whenever you tell them it is.  Tonight it was early-6:30.  But they were tired from our trip and happy to be in their own house and beds again.  Our neighbors who have older children once set all the clocks in their house forward so the kids who could tell time would agree it was bedtime ahead of schedule.  I am keeping that trick in my back pocket for a very special occasion.  You never know when that will blow up in your face so you better not waste it on just any day.

Nine hours is a long time for kids to be entertained in the car.  Notice I said they needed to be entertained.  In my day (now I sound like I’m ancient) we entertained ourselves.  But today the car is a totally different atmosphere.  DVD players and seats that turn around – what luxuries these kids are growing up with and they don’t even appreciate them!  I try to limit videos depending on the length  of the trip.  But even today toward the end, when the whining started and my patience waned, I admit I threw on another video.  If only I could remain as patient as the voice on the navigation system who never yells at me for going a different direction than she asked me to go.  Being the type of person who likes to keep others happy, I actually thought about following her route even though I believed mine to be better just because she was asking me to go that way.  I put my foot down and she didn’t even mind.

The beauty of today is that I know tomorrow I will spend the majority of the day with adults.  Granted we will be talking about children and positive discipline techniques but it will be my mom here dealing my two kids.  She was gracious enough to offer her services when I found out I had two days of workshops to attend.  Glad she made up her mind before the nine hour car ride…


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