massage geek

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful, relaxing, work-out-the-kinks massage today. It was done by a man who practices massage among other Chinese medicines. It was lovely. Thanks, mom!

Lovely, especially after I got over the “I’m a total geek part.” He greeted me and asked if I had ever had a massage to which I answered in the affirmative. He replied “then you know what to do” and left the room. I knew enough to take my clothes and my watch off. I was debating taking my rings off but worried I would still be standing around minus my clothes when he came back. So I jumped on the table in my underwear with my rings on hoping that wasn’t a big faux pas.

So I’m looking at the table wondering which side of me is supposed to be up. I decided the roll on the table was perfect for my knees so I guessed tummy up. As soon as he came in I found I had guessed wrong when he asked me to flip over. I managed to flip while staying covered which I think was pretty graceful of me. Probably not all that graceful to watch, but graceful in that no body parts were exposed to the outer world.

Now in the right spot, with my face in the appropriate donut part of the table, it was time to begin. He did a wonderful job on my sore back and found knots that I never knew existed. He was a very strong man and was getting a workout. At one point I wished I hadn’t eaten quite so much for lunch because it was kind of being rearranged in my belly through my back. Luckily there was the hole in the donut face part. If I am ever in fear of vomiting, usually having a plan of where to vomit helps to ease the sensation that I might. But I guess that is another story for another day. No vomiting today.

The rings turned out to have been better left off, just in case you are wondering. I managed to almost impale him once when he was working on my hand. Then I turned the ring between my own fingers so he wouldn’t come out bleeding. (There are a few sharp corners that kind of stick out on my ring. I have just recently resumed wearing it after leaving a few scars on my children when they were babes.) Then I could totally relax and not worry about how geeky I might be.

I swear it must be totally in my head, but my legs feel skinnier after having someone rub them so hard. Maybe he pushed the fat back inside the muscles? I don’t know, but it felt great. Then we went for dinner and now I feel like I have swallowed a whale. Good thing nobody is going to be pushing on me now. Note to self: have more massages. Note to self: eat smaller portions on massage day.


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