broke back mama

Two days after trying a wii for the first time, I have totally pulled my back out. I think the two are unrelated. I really hope the two are unrelated. I am not THAT out of shape that a little wii action should put me on the DL. Maybe the road trip in combination with sleeping on different mattresses in combination with lifting a 30 lb. toddler together might have something to do with it. (It happened in the middle of lifting my son.) That and I never made it to the Y last week.

Once I can nurse myself back to having ANY range of motion in my back it’s off to the gym I go. No excuses this time. I can either grow old gracefully or I can continue to crumble into a little old lady. I’m WAY to young to be a little old lady any time soon.

But apparently I need to clarify something. Going to the gym and regaining a level of fitness has nothing whatsoever to do with my chocolate consumption. The two are totally unrelated. I plan to eat a piece of chocolate every day until they strap my arms behind my back in a straight jacket. Then I will try to bribe, cajole or blackmail a piece from whoever is nearby. Don’t think I’m above it. I’m not.

I like to think I have few vices in this world. I rarely drink alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t drink caffeine, don’t drink coffee, try to get 8 hours of sleep a night (at least), floss my teeth daily, but chocolate will go with me to the grave. Not a huge amount all the time, but a few M&Ms or a square of a big Hershey bar every day are the only things keeping me on this side of nuts. So yes, you can nag me if I’m not blogging about my first trip to the Y when we get back home but nagging me about eating chocolate is utterly pointless.

My husband and I have decided Santa will probably bring the family a wii of our own for Christmas. Six months from now I will be rocking it with buff muscles

and a chocolate smear on my face.


One response to “broke back mama

  1. You are crackin me up. I’m sorry you blew your back out again. You can say goodbye to tv time, you’re hooked. Wii, facebook, blogging, teaching. Forget it sister. Cancel the satelitte and use the money you save for a personal trainer.

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