to be young again

I greatly enjoy seeing life through the eyes of my four-year-old daughter.  Her glass is half full to say the least.  She has made six different grand plans for her next birthday.  Mind you, it is still 10 months away.  The guest list is always the same.  A handful of her good friends, her cousins, her grandparents, my husband and myself.  It’s nice to still be invited to the party that we will pay for, organize, cook for, decorate for and host.  At some point I assume she will expect us to do the same and then leave before any of her friends get there.  But for now, we are still welcome at her party.

Her optimism is inspiring.  She not only thinks she will be going to visit Mr. Wonka’s factory, she thinks she will be given the golden ticket and then handed the keys to the whole operation.  Of course she would like for her family to live with her.  I’m all for that plan because I could eat chocolate every day for the rest of my life and be a happy woman.  The oompa loompas might creep me out a bit, but if they cook and clean I bet I could get used to them.

I have been planning to take her to the Purity factory to see how the ice cream is made and packaged.  Now I’m a bit afraid she will think we own it when they hand us the ice cream sandwich at the end of the tour.   And if they don’t hand over the keys, I hope she won’t be too sad.  But knowing her, she will set her sights on something else and keep her chocolate factory dream on the back burner.  When you least expect it she will pull it out and weave a wonderful tale about it.

She is always the main character and her little brother is almost always invited along.  He is her prince and she hopes to marry him one day.   But she wants to live in our current house with my husband and me when she is married.  I tell her she can live with us for as long as she wants for I know she will be gone before I can get used to the idea that some other man will become the center of her life.  So for now we share birthday party ideas and chocolate factory dreams and I hope she can stay young for as long as possible.


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