rain, rain, go away

     This crazy storm is following me.  I even took a road trip and it came with me.  Or maybe, rather, it was leaving me but I decided to follow it.  Hmmm.  Anyway, happy to be in my safe new auto cruising down the interstate, I realize I have not figured out how to use the rear wiper.  Now I know that rear wipers are not an absolute necessity, but the darn thing was there and it was pouring so it seemed like it should be on.  A few minutes of tinkering and I managed to figure it out.

      After the rain stopped I also figured out the cruise control.  Then it started to rain again and I couldn’t remember if you are supposed to turn the cruise off during rain.  I decided to turn it off to be safe, but don’t know if that is a useless fact I made up or if it is a fact from ten years ago that no longer holds true or an actual fact.  Any ideas?  I better check the manual.

     These are the little things that bug me.  I am a manual-reading person.  You are either a manual-reading person or you are not.  If I had the time I would have read it cover to cover.  I started it, but only made it through about the first third.  The first third is the more useless of the material, but I didn’t want to risk missing something important.  I will have to put it back on my to do list so I can remember to read it.  I only think about it when I am actually in the car.  And that’s when I’m driving and sadly can’t do both at one time.

     Those of you who are not manual-reading people are probably staring at the screen with your mouth open at the realization that people actually READ the manual.  Maybe I am alone, but I love to know the little features that I would never guess if they weren’t spelled out in front of me.  On the way home from the road trip I will have help driving.  As far as I’m concerned that is when I kick back and finish reading all the interesting tidbits.   I’ll let you know if cruise control is “allowed” in the rain.  And maybe by then the rain will have gone away!


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