cue the music

     So today about a half an hour before I was due to pick up my daughter from preschool we got this crazy, out of nowhere storm.   I am not normally a person who gets that freaked by the weather.  Something today told me to take notice.  I hesitated and then decided to let Maggie stay at school for an extra hour in aftercare. 

     Something weird made me decide not to get in the car at that moment.    If I were the main character in the movie you would see me in my kitchen looking at the clock trying to decide what to do.  I would talk to my one and a half year old about it in a talking-out-loud kind of way.  Then they would cue the music and unbeknowst to me they would change cameras to the basement that was filling with water as I piddled about in the kitchen. 

     But as the movie goes on, I decide to check the basement for some reason and walk down to hear running water.  The outside door has flooded and water is gushing in all around the door frame.   Cue more music.  I actually yelled at the water to stop.  That’s a mom for you.  When it did not listen I started cramming blankets and towels (our dirty laundry that happened to be on the floor) to at least stop the intensity while I ran outside to see what was happening. 

     Before I took two steps the electricity went out.  Now cue the music with me in an almost pitch black room standing in water next to a refrigerator and then you see a flash of lightening.  I don’t even know if it’s possible to be electrocuted in such a way,  but it scared me at the moment.  Then I took a step and the foam alphabet letters my foot was on slipped in the water almost causing me to end up on my rear.   Cue the music and the power comes back on.  Whew.

     I must admit this is not the first time this problem has occurred, but I thought I had remedied the problem of a plugged outer drain.  I actually had checked it just yesterday so I couldn’t believe that could be the problem.  Outside I was greeted by the bottom three stairs being totally submersed in water.  At this point I called my husband, not even for advice but because I wanted someone else to know I was in the middle of all this craziness.  He gave me his opinion which was to reach into the water and unclog the drain.  Being on the squemish side and not being able to see what I was about to grab, I decided to bail water instead until I could at least know I wasn’t going to grab onto a dead bird or animal of some sort.

     So I bailed nine trash cans full of water until I could get to the drain and unclog it.  The worst part of the problem was solved.  The clean up was not fun but also not worth talking about.  (Thank you, thank you wordpress for having an auto backup system.  As I was just typing, another storm swept in and we lost power again!  But alas, my work was saved.  And yes, I already checked the drain and it was beginning to back up again!  Ahhh!)  So we have a plan for tomorrow on how to solve the problem once and for all.  And for tonight we have decided a little debris in the pipe is better than a lot of water in the basement.  So cue the music, I’m going to bed!


One response to “cue the music

  1. OMG!!! THat’s is so crazy! We had the grinder pump in the old haber get shorted out by lightning. We didn’t realize it, because the flashing red light designed to warn homeowners there is a problem with the grinder pump was on the side of the house we wouldn’t readily notice. So, bed time, bath time, morning two more showers and not sure how many flushes later I go downstairs to the lower level of the split and “SQUISH”. Sewer water. Bad, really bad.
    Has your insurance guy come out yet? UGH.

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