cereal, anyone?

     Let me start out by saying I must be a little serious about this whole blog thing, because now it is cutting into my television time.  My all-alone-I-can-watch-whatever-I-want television time.  With that being said I will move on.

     I went to Costco today and spent a typical $100.  Not a big deal except I got a total of 3 things.  Of course everything at Costco is big enough to break a toe if dropped but normally I get a little more variety.  Today it was a $42 box of diapers for toilet boy.  (who I feel I need to point out is almost 3 ft tall – in a previous post I called him 2 feet tall.)  Anyway, diapers for him, two monster apple juices and five boxes of cereal.  Five boxes of cereal?  Yes, you read that right and no, it’s not a typo. 

     Let me just start by saying we are a family who loves cereal.  It’s breakfast, it’s a snack, it’s dessert, and on days when we had eggs in the morning it ends up as the occasional lunch.  So I try to be choosy like the choosy moms who choose JIF.  I choose high protein, high fiber, low sugar cereals.  Now finding that combination in something my kids and my husband will eat is not as easy task.

     So it’s kind of like toilet paper.  You KNOW you need it and if you run out someone is gonna be looking for it.  Same with cereal.  We know it will be eaten so why not stock up.  The funny thing is that each box I bought has two inner packages.  I have measured and the grocery store size is about 1/2 of one of the inner packages.  So if I am doing the math correctly, which is by all means NOT a given,  I basically just bought the equivalent of 20 boxes of cereal.  Now I feel a little ridiculous.

     In my defense though, we are heading to visit my parents who also happen to like the same cereals.  So  I will bring two boxes there and my hope is that we can actually leave them some when it’s time for us to go.  If not, at least we will have saved them about eight boxes of cereal. 

     I will leave you for tonight to go watch television for an hour and have a bowl of cereal.  Anyone care to join me?  We have plenty.


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