too tired

     This will be a short one.  I don’t think I can string together too many words let alone many cohesive thoughts.  People often say that being a stay-at-home mom is one of the toughest jobs out there.  I think I have found one that is tougher.  I had the pleasure of substitute teaching at my daughter’s school today.  My son was with me and he did quite well, though that is another post for another day.  Today let’s talk about the true warriors of the parenting world.  The teachers.

     I really enjoyed the day, but holy cow am I tired.  I will lick my wounds tomorrow and recuperate with a low key day at home and hopefully a big fat nap.  But the teachers who do this every day, whoa!  How do they keep up?  And then parent their own children on top of it all.  We came home and I turned the TV on.  Not because the kids wanted it (though they happily agreed), but because my brain was fried and I needed the break.

     Packing lunches, having clean clothes, spending quality time with the kids and working a full time job – with other people’s children no less.  It’s enough to make me bow in reverence to those who can keep up.  I am humbled.  All of a sudden one four-year-old and one 19-month-old seem easy.  Two adults and six one-year-olds was a bit more taxing.  And six was a “light” day.  It could have been as many as ten!  Thank you for the stars that aligned to make it only six today!

     I was rewarded though many times today with hugs from children who didn’t even know me hours earlier.  One latched onto me at the end of the day and insisted I was the one who took him to his mother in the pick up line.  That’s a pretty good feeling.  What makes my knees buckle is today is only Monday and the warriors will do today four more times this week.  I am humbled.


2 responses to “too tired

  1. You can’t imagine how much I enjoyed reading this. I sent it to my husband. I’m expecting diamonds.

  2. Maggie Pearson

    My daughter, Jessica, sent your blog to me and I am so glad she did. You could not have expressed my feelings more. How my daughter accomplishes what she does day to day is amazing. She and her husband are raising two wonderful, well-mannered children as well. It is surely perserverance, love for children and love for her job. Jessica’s grandmother (my mother) raised five children while teaching full time with my father traveling a great deal of the time as a saleman. She was my mentor, and obviously, Jessica’s too!!! I too worked full time, but not as a teacher, and raised two childeren….but 5…can you only imagine? As Jessica says, she expects diamonds! Not only that……all teachers should have halos and if we look hard enough, they are there floating over their heads. I have seen Jessica’s!!!!

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