random thoughts

     Today is the first day in almost a week that I have no idea what to write about.  Yikes!  Am I out of material already?  That was pretty quick.  So for today and to cut myself a break since it is Saturday, I’m just going to give you a few random thoughts.

    The kids went to the Dr yesterday for check ups.  My daughter is in the >97% for height category.  That means if you lined up 100 kids her age, at the most three would be as tall as her.  My son seemed puny by comparison being only in the 95%.  Again, 100 kids, five taller.  You get it, right?  But all is well healthwise and that is always a good thing. 

     Mike is on day five of working out at the YMCA.  I couldn’t be happier.   The only day he missed was our night of miscommunication.  But I’m pretty proud of him and a little jealous!

     I have officially grown out of some of my summer pants!  These are pants that were falling down just a few weeks ago.  I better check myself when the kids are in bed and Mike is at the Y.  My little treats are becoming not so little.  At least so says my waistline.

     My daughter has moved up in the world out of a carseat and into a booster.  I can almost taste the freedom from the five point harness.  Of course, the safety of the five point harness was a bonus but I’m hoping the one click seatbelt will get us out of the garage a little quicker!

     And finally because I know you have all been waiting for this…     …I figured out the presets on the car radio!  And it was pretty simple once you know the trick.  I have only set the first one, but I am confident it will be smooth sailing from here out.

     p.s. Sometimes I wonder if I am making up words or just misspelling them.  This spell check doesn’t like a lot of things I’m sending it.  I hope after a bit of getting back in the groove my spelling skills will return.  Right about now my spelling consists of whatever is on the grocery list.

     p.p.s. Dad- sorry for the lack of commas.  I’m sure there have been some missing.  Again, hopefully I will polish up a bit!


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